A mom’s freelance journey towards time freedom.

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Elevating your digital presence, one keyword at a time.

A few years back, yours truly was just a regular newly married nurse with some big-time dreams. I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, whip up all those Pinterest-worthy lunches, and spread the gospel, helping my fellow ladies find their groove with the big guy upstairs.

But here’s the kicker – I had this monstrous six-figure debt breathing down my neck. I mean, seriously, it was like the Godzilla of debts!

I realized with hard work, discipline, and faith, anything is possible.
Octavia Steen
Founder, CEO
octavia steen

I wasn’t about to throw in the towel, though.

Nope, I decided to start a little home-based business with a blog, just like, “Hey world, here’s my life!”

At first, I was all over the place, like a toddler on a sugar rush. But giving up wasn’t in my DNA.

My master plan? Simply make extra income each month and be on top of the world (or at least the kitchen table).

Let me tell you, it was a wild ride – full of faceplants, clueless moments, and wanting to hit the eject button. But after some trial and error, a truckload of coffee (and probably some tears), and lots of typing, I finally got my groove with SEO.

It was like watching my favorite Netflix series – slow and steady but oh-so-addictive.

Now, I’m not just a mom; I’m a stay-at-home super mom, hanging out with my amazing littles and sharing the good word.

I provide blog management for mom bloggers and business owners so that they can turn their blog into a content powerhouse without feeling overwhelmed.

Let’s team up, and I’ll help you get the hang of this online thing, just like teaching your little one to tie their shoelaces (or at least trying to). Whether it’s SEO or creating content for your business that’s as good as your secret pancake recipe, we’re in this together.